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IFIP WG 9.7 Computing History Events

Pending Events
Conference (Milan, Italy): History of Computing and Education 3 (HCE3) [2008 September 7-10]
History Stream (Florianopolis, Brazil): WCCE History of Educational Computing [2009 July 27-31]

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More to come

Related Events
Congress (Milan, Italy): IFIP World Computer Congress [2008 September 7-10]

Past Events

Conference (Turku, Finland): History of Nordic Computing 2 (HiNC2) [2007 August 21-23]
Conference (England): British Computer Society 50th Anniversary [2007 July 12-14]
Symposium (Amsterdam, Netherlands): Pioneering Software in the 1960s in Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium
            [2006 November 2-4]
Conference (Petrozavodsk, Russia): Perspectives on Soviet and Russian Computing [2006 July 3-7]
Conference (Santiago, Chile): History of Computing and Education (HCE2) - WCC 2006 [2006 August 20-25]
History Track (Udine, Italy): Histories of Informatics: Why and How (AICA) [2005 October 5-7]
History Stream (Cape Town, South Africa): WCCE History of Educational Computing [2005 July 4-7]
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Conference (Toulouse, France): History of Computing in Education (HCE1) - WCC 2004 [2004 August 22-27]
Conference (Trondheim, Norway): History of Nordic Computing (HiNC1) [2003 June 15-17]

Other Happenings
New Website: History of Soviet Computing - Features a work by Boris Malinovsky
Interesting Website: Soviet Computing Museum - An interesting display of Soviet computers

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             1. WCC refers to the IFIP World Computer Congress
             2. WCCE refers to the IFIP TC3 World Conference on Computers in Education

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